Astercook 21 Piece Knife Set Review


A Review of the Knife Set, Astercook 21 Pieces Knife Sets for Kitchen with Block, Dishwasher Safe Kitchen Knife Set with Built-in Sharpener, German Stainless Steel Black Knife Block Set

The product being reviewed is the All In One Value Knife Set, which includes a total of 21 pieces. This set offers a wide variety of knives, including an 8" chef knife, 8" slicing knife, 7" santoku knife, 8" serrated bread knife, 5" utility knife, 3.5" paring knife, 3" peeling knife, 6" pro boning knife, 5" cheese knife, 8pcs 4.5" serrated steak knife, poultry shears, kitchen shears, and a hard wood knife block with a built-in sharpener. One of the standout features of this knife set is the black non-stick and anti-rust coating on the stainless steel surface. This coating effectively prevents the knives from oxidizing when exposed to oxygen in the air, ensuring that the set remains non-stick and rust-proof for years to come. This is a great advantage as it eliminates the need for constant maintenance and ensures the longevity of the knives. Another impressive feature of this knife set is the built-in knife sharpener. This is an incredibly convenient addition, allowing users to sharpen their knives with just one hand. It eliminates the hassle of finding a separate sharpener and having to sharpen the knives on a whetstone. This innovative feature saves time and effort, making it a great invention for any kitchen. Additionally, this knife set is dishwasher safe, thanks to its construction from 1.4116 high-carbon German stainless steel. This material is highly resistant to stains and rust, ensuring the durability of the knives. The industry-leading tapered edge grinding technology used in the manufacturing process provides optimal sharpness for precise cutting and easy resharpening. Lastly, Astercook offers a lifetime warranty system for each set of knives. This demonstrates their commitment to excellent quality and superior customer service. With strict quality inspections and a lifetime warranty, customers can feel confident in their purchase. Overall, the All In One Value Knife Set from Astercook is a reliable and versatile option for any kitchen.
Astercook 21 Piece Knife Set Review




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High Carbon Stainless Steel



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Wrapping Up - Astercook 21 Piece Knife Set Review

In conclusion, the All In One Value Knife Set from Astercook is a highly recommended choice for cooking enthusiasts. With its wide variety of knives and impressive features such as the black non-stick and anti-rust coating, built-in knife sharpener, and dishwasher-safe construction, this set offers convenience and durability. While some may find the 21-piece set overwhelming and the built-in sharpener may not be as effective as a separate one, these minor drawbacks are outweighed by the set's overall quality. With a lifetime warranty and a rating of 4.6 out of 5, the All In One Value Knife Set is a reliable and versatile option for any kitchen.