Astercook 12 Piece Knife Set Review


A Review of the Astercook Knife Set, 12 Pcs Color-Coded Kitchen Knife Set, 6 Color Anti-Rust Coating Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives with 6 Blade Guards, Dishwasher Safe

The product being reviewed is a multipurpose kitchen knife set that includes an 8" chef knife, 8" slicing knife, 7" santoku knife, 8" serrated bread knife, 5" utility knife, 3.5" paring knife, and 6 colorful blade guards. This set is designed with a special color coding system, which reduces the risk of cross-use during food preparation. Each knife has a different color, making it easy to identify and use the right knife for the task at hand.

One of the standout features of this knife set is its dishwasher safe design. The colored coating not only adds a vibrant touch to the knives but also helps prevent rusting due to direct contact with oxygen. Additionally, the non-stick coating ensures that the knives stay clean throughout the day, even after multiple uses. This makes cleaning up a breeze and ensures that the knives maintain their sharpness and durability over time.

Not only is this knife set practical and functional, but it also makes for a perfect holiday gift. Whether for someone who loves spending time in the kitchen or for new cooks who are just starting to explore their culinary skills, this set can satisfy all cooking needs. It's an ideal gift for mothers, daughters, wives, and girlfriends who appreciate quality kitchen tools.

Lastly, the Astercook lifetime warranty system adds an extra layer of assurance to this knife set. Each set of knives is carefully crafted with excellent quality and undergoes strict quality inspection. The brand is committed to providing superior customer service and offers a lifetime warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. With this warranty in place, buyers can feel confident in their purchase and enjoy the benefits of this versatile and reliable kitchen knife set.

Astercook 12 Piece Knife Set Review




Blade Material:

High Carbon Stainless Steel



Handle Material:

Stainless Steel

Handle Color:



Country of Origin:

Wrapping Up - Astercook 12 Piece Knife Set Review

In conclusion, the multipurpose kitchen knife set with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 is a highly recommended choice for cooking enthusiasts. The color coding system, dishwasher safe design, and non-stick coating make it practical and easy to use. It also makes for a perfect holiday gift for both experienced cooks and beginners. While some users may prefer knives without a colored coating and a knife block for storage is not included, the Astercook lifetime warranty provides assurance and excellent customer service. Overall, this knife set offers versatility, reliability, and quality that will enhance any cooking experience.