Measuring temperature in a kitchen is important to ensure that food is cooked  as desired and is handled and served in a safe manner.  Using visual indicators to judge temperature  is an inherantly  unreliable method  which can result in  food being under or over ccoked  with dangerous or unpleasant results.

Thermometers are a critical food safety tool in commercial kitchens with multiple purposes including ensuring food is cooked to safe temperatures , food is stored at cool enough temperatures, and that dishes and utensils are washed at high enough tempertures.

In some instances such as tempering chocolate where  temperature needs to be accurate within a degree or two a thermometer is a very valuable tool which makes life easier and helps ensure success.  

There are many different types of thermometers which are used in cooking and the general types are described here.


Candy / Fat Thermometer


Meat Thermometers


Oven Thermometer


Fridge or Freezer Thermometer


Digital Probe thermometer


Microwave thermometer


Chocolate Thermometer


Jam Thermometer


Disposable temperature indicators


Pop up temperature indicators






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