Deep frying is the process of  transferring heat to food by immersing it in hot fat.

When deep-frying you aim to produce food that is juicy but not oily or greasy and is  generally golden in color with a crisp outer layer. It is common to batter or bread foods which are to be deep fried in order to  protect the food from the cooking fat and achieve the desired texture and color.

The following guidance applies when deep frying food:

  1. Ensure that your frying fat is not too hot or too cool .  If your fat is too hot it will burn the outside of the food before it has cooked through and if the fat is too cool it is likely to result in a greasy end product.  Most food is deep fried at temperatutes between 350°F (175°C)  and  375°F (190°C). 
  2. Use a cooking thermometer to measure temperature  I think you will be surprised how inaccurate guessing when oil has reached the right temperature can be.
  3. Don't cook too much food at a time . It will lower the temperature of the cooking and may lead to a oily end product. ( see point 1 )
  4. Use high quality fat or oil with a high smoking point .. I really like using rendered beef fat but don't tell anyone ;-)
  5. Avoid getting uneccessary impurities into the oil  such as water ,  bread crumbs , salt etc .
  6. Use clean  well rinsed  utensils and baskets.
  7. Keep your fat fresh .. Old fat doesnt fry well and makes food taste bad.
  8. If your  fat or oil has been heated to the point smoking then you should replace it.
  9.  Dont let food sit for too long after it has been deep fried  . Serve it quickly.






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