Breville Precision Brewer Glass Coffee Maker Review


A Review of the Breville Precision Brewer Glass Coffee Maker

The Breville Precision Brewer Thermal Coffee Maker has garnered my attention, and my initial experience with this coffee maker has left me with mixed feelings. The first and most significant point of praise is its ability to produce an outstanding cup of coffee. The noticeable improvement in taste compared to my previous coffee maker is undeniable, and this alone makes it a compelling choice for coffee enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the coffee maker offers an impressive array of features and programmable options, including the ability to fine-tune coffee temperature, type, strength, cup size, and more. It accommodates a generous 12-cup carafe size, making it suitable for those who enjoy indulging in coffee on weekends or when entertaining guests. Aesthetically, the machine's design is visually appealing, adding to its overall charm.

However, my enthusiasm is tempered by a series of design quirks and issues that have become increasingly frustrating over time. The filter-in-filter design poses an inconvenience, as it often leads to leftover coffee grounds beneath the cone filter insert, necessitating frequent cleaning. Water accumulation beneath the plastic lip of the filter basket assembly has also been a persistent problem, potentially resulting in hygiene concerns. Additionally, the reservoir retains water after each use, making it difficult to predict the exact amount of water available for brewing. An unwelcome surprise for those expecting consistency.

Moreover, the machine has been insistent on frequent descaling, despite using filtered water and maintaining the correct water hardness settings. This demand for descaling after just six months of use under ideal conditions raises concerns about long-term durability. Lastly, the carafe's design traps water between the glass and plastic during drying, adding a minor but noticeable inconvenience to the cleaning process. In conclusion, while the Breville Precision Brewer Thermal Coffee Maker excels in coffee quality and features, its design quirks and durability concerns have left me somewhat disappointed.

On a different note, my recent experience with the coffee maker has been more positive, as it produces excellent coffee without the bitterness often associated with standard drip brewers. The machine's speed in brewing coffee is commendable, taking less time compared to my previous models. Its height, while initially a concern, fits comfortably on my countertop with ample clearance.

The user interface is simple and intuitive, with only a few controls and a user-friendly LCD screen. Setting up coffee strength and filter type was a breeze, as was configuring the auto-on feature. I appreciate the machine's compatibility with both basket and cone filters, making it versatile for different brewing preferences. It even includes a gold reusable basket filter, a thoughtful addition.

As for noise levels, I found the coffee maker to be relatively quiet, with the pump noise resembling that of a quiet aquarium pump. It's significantly less disruptive than the boiling sounds from my previous coffee makers. In terms of descaling demands, I remain cautiously optimistic, as I haven't encountered issues yet, but will monitor for any future inconveniences.

However, one aspect I wish to see improved is the ability to customize the duration for which the coffee remains warm. Currently, the machine lacks the option to extend the warming time, which can be a limitation for those who enjoy savoring their coffee over an extended period.

Overall, my initial experience with this coffee maker has been promising, with the hope that it will outlast my previous machines in terms of durability. Time will tell, but for now, it offers a superior coffee taste, quick brewing, and a user-friendly interface, making it a compelling choice for coffee aficionados.

How Does This Set Compare to Others?

We compiled data from various sources to provide some ratings about how this particular item compares to others of the same brand, and other comparable items from other brands.

This Machine This Brand All Coffee & Espresso
Blending Power 4.2 4.25 4.25
Easy to Clean 4.2 4.34 4.34
Giftable 4.2 4.43 4.43
Quality of Material 4.6 4.48 4.48
Durability 4.2 4.39 4.39
Value for Money 3.6 4.20 4.20
Flavor 4.3 4.38 4.38
Sturdiness 4.2 4.44 4.44
Easy to Use 4.1 4.24 4.24
Noise Level 4.2 4.41 4.41
Breville Precision Brewer Glass Coffee Maker Review





Brushed Stainless Steel

Coffee Maker Type:

Drip Coffee Machine

Filter Type:

Specific Uses:

Cold Brew


3.1 pounds


Included Components:

Coffee Spoon, Glass Carafe Pulp Jug, Flat bottom basket filter paper pack (10 pieces), Cleaning Brush, Mesh basket filter, Cone filter basket insert, Water hardness test strip

Operation Mode:


What to Look for in a Quality Espresso Machine

What to Look for in a Quality Espresso Machine

Investing in a quality espresso machine can elevate your coffee experience and bring the cafe into your home. Whether you're a seasoned coffee connoisseur or just starting on your espresso journey, several key factors should guide your decision when selecting the perfect espresso machine.

1. Value for Money

When considering an espresso machine, think about the value it offers. While some high-end models come with impressive features, they might not always justify their price tags for everyone. Look for a machine that strikes a balance between cost and functionality, ensuring you get the features you need without overpaying.

2. Durability and Build Quality

A durable espresso machine is an investment that should last for years. Pay attention to the build quality, materials used, and the reputation of the manufacturer. Stainless steel components are known for their durability and resistance to corrosion, making them a popular choice in quality machines.

3. Flavor Quality

Ultimately, the taste of your espresso is paramount. The machine's ability to maintain precise temperature control and even extraction is crucial for delivering a balanced and flavorful cup. Look for machines with features like PID temperature control and low-pressure pre-infusion to enhance flavor quality.

4. Ease of Use

Espresso machines can range from fully manual to fully automatic. Choose one that suits your skill level and the amount of time you're willing to invest. Beginners might prefer machines with user-friendly interfaces, while experienced baristas might opt for more manual control.

5. Milk Frothing Capability

If you enjoy milk-based espresso beverages like lattes and cappuccinos, the machine's milk frothing capability is crucial. Look for machines with powerful steam wands or automatic frothing systems to achieve silky microfoam for latte art or creamy steamed milk.

6. Size and Space

Consider the available space in your kitchen when choosing an espresso machine. Some models are compact and suitable for smaller kitchens, while others may require more counter space. Ensure the machine fits comfortably and doesn't disrupt your kitchen setup.

7. Cleaning and Maintenance

Espresso machines require regular cleaning to maintain performance and flavor quality. Look for machines with removable and easy-to-clean components. Some models also have self-cleaning features to simplify maintenance.

8. Brand Reputation and Reviews

Research the reputation of the brand and read reviews from other users. A well-established brand with positive reviews often indicates reliability and customer satisfaction.

By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and select an espresso machine that meets your needs and delivers exceptional coffee every time.

Wrapping Up - Breville Precision Brewer Glass Coffee Maker Review

In conclusion, the Breville Precision Brewer Thermal Coffee Maker is a standout choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking exceptional coffee quality and customizable features. With its ability to produce outstanding coffee and a wide range of options to fine-tune brewing variables, it offers a delightful coffee experience. The generous 12-cup capacity and visually pleasing design add to its appeal. However, some design quirks and concerns, such as the filter-in-filter design and water accumulation issues, may be inconvenient. The machine's frequent demand for descaling and the carafe's water-trapping design also raise durability and cleaning concerns. Despite these drawbacks, the coffee maker's superior coffee quality, quick brewing, and user-friendly interface make it an attractive choice for coffee aficionados. While the customization of the coffee warming duration could be improved, the overall experience with this coffee maker has been promising, and it holds the potential to become a durable addition to any coffee routine.