I always get really dissapointed when I go to a cafe  or a restaurant , order a cup of tea and get presented  with a cup , a teabag, and some hot water.  I always specify that I want a pot of tea made for me when I place my order so this does not happen.

Seriously if I wanted to make a cup of tea myself I'd stay at home and ensure I got a cup of tea that I really enjoy.

And heres how I  make that  perfect cup of tea:

  1.  Select a good quality loose teaf black tea that has been stored  and handled with care.
  2.  Bring fresh water to the boil . Do not re-use water that has been boiled previously.
  3.  Filter your  water before use if it is not quite as fresh as it could be.
  4. Rinse a porcelain or stainless steel teapot with hot water to warm the pot.
  5. Add one teaspoon of loose leaf tea  per person  to be served  plus one for the pot e.g.  if you are brewing a 2 cup pot then add three teaspoons of good quality tea.
  6. Pour freshly boiled water inte the pot.
  7. Allow the tea to steep for the time recommended  on the pack  ( typically 3  -5 minutes ).
  8. Serve straight away into warmed porcelain cups.
  9. Add milk to taste if desired.
  10. Sit back relax and enjoy.


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